Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rock It!

Member: James Sampayan
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 4 to 5,ooo'
Motor: H733
Project Goal: Just another gig in the high desert. Will play an encore flight of that classic tune "H73J". Maybe try to shred the solo of that other popular song, "I161W".

Mach 2 or Bust

Here you see her maiden flight on a N2850 Blue to Mach 2.2

Member: Steve Jurveston
Club(s): AeroPAC, TCC, Lunar, Rocket Mavericks
Altitude: 32,000' AGL
Motor: AMW 2801 Skidmark
Project Note: The 48" vintage Skidmark is a glorious motor. Much titanium sponge spewage to enjoy. I am looking forward to testing the BalloonBoy GPS tracking system.

Carbon Assault

This photo was her maiden flight, hitting Mach 1.5 on a L935 Imax.

Member: Steve Jurveston
Club(s): AeroPAC, TCC, Lunar, Rocket Mavericks
Altitude: 14,000' AGL
Motors: K300, K1440 L640 dual thrust


Member: Aaron Stanley
Club(s): Lunar, AeroPAC, SARG
Motors: TBA
Altitude: 25-30,000' AGL
Project Goal: To break 20k

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Members: Peter and Jamie Clay
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 12,000'
Motor: M 1419
Goal: To fly as many student projects as possible!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


: James Dougherty
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 45,000' AGL
Motors: Aerotech N-1000, Ceseroni N-58000 CS
Project Goal: Test out new Real Flight Systems GPS-TWO rocket electronics && telemetry system. Test out multiple base-station/modem configurations. Test out air-frame and launch tower improvements. Have fun!
Project Note: Flew last year to over 42,000' AGL. Got some scratched paint and made a few tweaks for aerodynamics and weight reduction.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tim the Rocket

Member: Sam Fineberg
Club: AeroPAC
Motor: CTI K260 Classic Long Burn
Altitude: 12,000' agl
Project Goal: My first time playing with K's. I have a K2045 to use as a warm up before I try to exceed 12K!
  • Airframe: Performance Competitor 3
  • Electronics: PerfectFlite StratoLogger
  • Recovery Setup: drogueless at apogee, 60" Fruity Chute main at 600 ft.